Success Stories

"Working with Elaine is like going to an ATM about building a career strategy.  Due to her CHRO and consulting experience, she knows everything you need toknow about how to build a career. I really liked the fact that she was always focusing two jobs ahead. Our discussions helped me to decide to stay in place, and to focus instead on mentoring others until such time as the right job in the right environment comes along."                                                                                                                        -Product Manager, Technology.  Established professional looking to define the remainder of their career path

"I was not sure about working with a Coach, as Career Services is readily available.  But, they understand a lot about some jobs and companies.  Elaine navigated directly to providing me with help on how to position myself for specific companies.  She knew what types of questions they usually use as well as how their case studies were constructed. My parents were happy, and so was I." 
-Data Analytics, Recent college graduate
"I learned more from working with Elaine for 4 weeks then I learned from my last coach in 6 months.  She carefully balances and drives the conversation to make sure that I received something valuable every single week.  My prior coach let the conversation drift, and Elaine focuses on creating deliverables. I loved her style."
-Project Manager, Financial Services. Established professional considering move to management.
"The hardest part of this experience for me was that Elaine raised many issues I had never thought of before, which helped me to understand why I moved jobs frequently in the past, and what I needed to do to find the right company for the future, not just the most interesting job that came along."
-Product Manager, Retail.  Established professional looking to make a major career move.
"This process was much easier than I expected.  Elaine reviewed my resume and helped me to create a compelling LI profile.  Frankly, the best value was when she walked me through how the job market operates, along with specific examples from my industry.  I'm better prepared now."
-Engineeer, Internet of things
"I suddenly woke up and realized that I have been asleep at my current company for years.  Elaine helped me with my resume and LinkedIn profile in record time.  Of more importance was that she took the time to help me understand what I needed to do to revitalize my career.  I've just re-engaged her to help me with career trajectory mapping."  
-Director, Global Compensation
"Faced with a toxic boss my focus when I reached out to Elaine was to plow through LinkedIn modification as soon as possible.  She helped me maximize how I present myself to the world, which really built my confidence when it came to interviewing."
-Chief of Staff, mid-sized FinTech
"Working with Elaine was really easy.  She is organized, knows her stuff, and works quickly. "
-Communication Specialist, HealthCare
"I've been caught up in a start-up cycle for a while, and as many have failed to deliver as have succeeded.  My resume is spotty at best.  She helped me to see my skill level in an honest and accurate way and connected me with a number of niche job boards that I was unaware of.  I am not spending as much time mindlessly filling out easy applications, and instead, have built a plan."
-CFO, seeking a move to established 1,500 to 5,000 organizations.