What will I be when I grow up? (For all who are seeking something new.) Designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for something different, or who want to move away from doing the same work year after year, day after day.  With the guidance of a seasoned and highly skilled HR specialist, your sessions will include:

- Assistance in you in discovering your passions
- How to integrate those passions into your existing career
- Evaluate if you should follow those passions towards a new role, a new organization, a new career, or a new life.
Transitioning (For mid-career professionals.)
Designed to meet the needs of those transitioning from one industry to another, one job level to another, or from one career focus to another. A seasoned HR expert who knows career/families intimately who will guide you through a strategy session that will answer your key questions about the opportunities and barriers that may impact your desired transition.  This session also includes:
-Development of a core resume which reflects your desired transition, and recommendations for your LI profile.
- Storyline development to identify 6 to 8 key experiences that will sell you in an effective way.
Tune-up (For those who relax by updating their resumer or LI profile.)
Keeping your resume and LI profile up to date is essential in order to be ready for opportunities when they arise.  This package includes:
- Targeted, focused attention on job trends impacting your fields, such as credentials, software, apps, and specific skills.
- A final resume and LI profile that will reflect the areas that will make you shine as well; we will also identify key areas that your job competitors are using to build up their work experience.
The Bullseye (For those who are focused on a specific job now.) 
Your resume and LI profile are in good shape, but a specific job has arisen that has your name on it.  This package includes:
- Targeted resume for specific roles that is accurate and honest, and not just stuffed full of keywords. You are not just a bundle of nouns, and your resume should not appear that way.
- LI profile that supports and enhances your resume that you can use to sell your specific skills.
Mock Interviews (For anyone going to an interview.)
Each organization has its own recruiting process, ranging from situational interviews through full case studies.  This package includes:
-Two customized mock interviews related to specific industries, and their specific style of interviewing.

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