Are thank-you notes a thing of the past?

Photo Credit: Pixabay/ Heung Soon
Photo Credit: Pixabay/ Heung Soon

A recent twitter post created a twitter uproar when a hiring manager indicated that a thank-you note is an essential requirement in their assessment and selection process. I advise my clients not only to send a thank-you note, but to send a well written and thoughtful reply. This falls into the "why not" category? Why not thank people for their time? Why not briefly restate your interest? True, the talent wars are raging but the vast majority of employers still state that they are finding solid candidates. In addition, a Forbes article shows that organizations state the 36% of recent graduates need to hone their communication skills.

Overall, writing a thank you email shows your understanding of relationships and their importance today. In addition, writing a thank you note just might set you apart from another candidate with similar skills, but who is too busy to drop a quick email. A thank you note is simple to create, and takes only a few minutes.

So to all of you - thank you for reading this!

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