Career Trajectory Mapping

How hard is it to move from one type of role, to another, in a totally different industry?

How hard it is to move from not for profit to for profit companies?

What are the hiring patterns within quickly growing industries or organizations?

How do start-ups build out their workforces, and what can you expect if you work for a start up?

Answering these questions is our sweet spot – our consultants understand careers and industries, not just how to push key words into a resume.


The internet is full of misinformation about the job search process, including that you should never submit your resume to HR.  We offer accurate, timely and meaningful advice based upon up to date input from hundreds of top internal recruiters, by industry and career growth cycle of the company.  Our consultants know the answers to questions such as:

-should I send a cover letter and if so, what should be included?

-which industries use the STAR method of interviewing, and why?


Navigating the hiring process
Professional Branding

Linkedin serves as the beginning of the hiring funnel for companies that using data scraping and data analytics to find candidates.  Your LinkedIn presence and personal branding work in harmony with your resume to tell a compelling story about you.

A compelling and interesting Linked In presence is much more than a duplication of your resume.  Due to the use of technology, the Linked In profile is increasingly the first step in the recruiting funnel.



What is the right Total Rewards level for your target job?

Should you leave your current employer, or should you look to build a more robust career where you are at?

How can you build executive presence in order to be seen as credible for top leadership roles?

How can I hit the ground running in my new role?

These types of questions are essential considerations as you plan out your career.  Post 30, the typical individual's career path starts to slow down, and you may only hold 6 to 7 more jobs.  Therefore, every job counts as you strive to reach your personal and professional goals.


We believe that your resume tells your personal story, especially for those transitioning to new organizations.

We focus on building resumes that are authentic, accurate, and compelling, which will support you through transitions, upwards moves and jumps to new roles.



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